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2nd  place in Competition for Riga Conference and Concert Center architecture design. 






Riga, Skanstes street 


Project  team:

Architecture, Interior design, Project management- Architectural  Office NRJA

Structural engineering- IG Kurbads

MEP- MEP Solutions

Acoustics-  ARAU acustica

Roads- Vertex Projekti

Fire safety- RelatedA

Kitchen technologies- Metos

Audio video systems-  Audio AE 

Stage equipment- Kompānija NA 


Riga Conference and Concert Centre aims to develop the Riga international and regional business tourism, offering transformable spaces for international conferences and to host serious of musical events in Riga, offering modern acoustic hall for symphony concerts. All the buildings total gross floor area is 55 000 m2, including Conference halls, Concert Hall and Hotel rooms.

Riga Conference and Concert Centre designed as three separate public non-residential buildings, where each of them has its own basic function but in the same time they need to function together as one complex.

Building No.1 - Music house, whose basic function is to accommodate 1,300 listeners has acoustic symphonic concert hall. Acoustic hall will be used for conference needs also.

Building No. 2 - Conference Center, whose basic function is to host 3000 conference delegates in the main Plenary Hall, as well as to provide exhibition spaces and banquet for all the guests. To make this possible, Conference center space is planned completely transformable.

Building No.3 - Hotel, whose basic function is to accommodate 206 guests. Hotel has several meeting, conference rooms and resaurant, which can also be used for conference center needs.

Connecting volume- works as communication element providing the synergy between all three buildings.

Representative arrival area towards Skanstes street and curved public square serves a large open public space for the whole complex as well as area around.


Riga Conference and Concert Centre continues the orthogonal system towards Skanstes street. Riga Centre’s architecture with its clear structure and correct building volume will create a sense of clear and correct business feasibility in the local region. 


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